Stuck at Home? 5 Skincare Tips During Lockdown

Australia’s lockdown measures have gotten us all confined to our homes and isn’t it quite a bugger? 

We’ll be spending most days in isolation at home, curtains drawn, possibly drinking more coffee or alcohol, eating less healthy diet (oops!) or binge-watching Netflix for hours on end. These activities don’t look like they’d be doing our skin some good, yes?

So even if we’re all for flattening the curve, it doesn’t mean we should leave our skin feeling flat dull and lifeless. Now that we’ll have more time in the house, we can finally turn up our skincare routine up a notch and try out these skincare tips 

  1. Keep moisturised

You may be thinking, oh, I’m just always at home, no exposure to external forces, and therefore there’s no need to fuss too much about being dry. But the truth is it doesn’t matter if you’re out camping or working at your chilly home office with the air conditioning blasting—your skin will be battling against different outdoor or indoor elements that cause dryness. Whatever the conditions, always keep your skin moisturised. Apply on a thick layer of moisturiser before bedtime and reapply in the morning. You can keep your moisturising cream nearby so you can simply slather on whenever you’re starting to feel dry.

  1. Hydrate

Working from home may seem to give you the convenience you’ve been craving for. But it can turn out into a real drag when you’re stuck with it for the long haul. Working at the exact same place where you sleep, having no other person to chat about some juicy office gossip, or simply feeling mentally stressed about everything that’s happening. There are many ways to cope, such as having a designated private area for work, taking regular breaks, catching up with peers via video chat, or trying to stick to a daily routine. While we’re on the subject of routines, how about adding a humble face mist in the mix? Spritzing a cool mist all over for a few times an hour can give your skin a burst of much-needed hydration and perk you up a great deal mentally. Just spray to your heart’s content and you’ll be ready to face another tedious task.

  1. Go for cleaner alternatives

Have you been considering taking a second look at the ingredients of your current skincare products? Perhaps it’s time to do a Marie Kondo-style of purging your beauty stash and start going for the “clean” skincare variety. You can start by finding a natural replacement for skin products you use daily, such as moisturisers, cleansers, lotion or sunscreen. Some ingredients to avoid if you can include parabens, phthalates, aluminum compounds, formaldehyde, talc and silica to name a few. Clean products are those that use non-toxic elements as baseline and plant-based ingredients. They are generally safe to use and gentle on the environment.

  1. Treat breakouts

“Who cares about my breakouts? No one’s going to be around to judge.” But don’t forget: breakouts should be controlled quickly to keep them from spreading. Get your treatment cream ready and calm the inflammation. Also, it’s time to swap your harsh facial cleansers with something hydrating and more gentle on the skin. 

  1. Pamper your skin

Since you won’t be exposed to sunlight and pollution, now’s the best time to focus on achieving those #skingoals! Reset your skin and start with skincare essentials you often overlook, like face serums, creams and masks. Serums can offer instant hydration and prevent premature ageing, while creams can help relieve stressed skin and prevent wrinkles. Don’t forget to look for ingredients that won’t affect your health.

Also, how about treating yourself to a face mask after work? Hours of screen exposure can take a toll on your face. So have a nightly skin-wellness routine to soothe your skin and treat yourself for some quality me-time as well.

Self-isolation can be the perfect opportunity to spend extra time on self-care and develop healthy and mindful skincare routines that could carry on post-lockdown. If you’ve had enough Netflix for the day, read on for more tips and check out our organic skincare range. 


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