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Aussie-made, organic skin care that won’t cost the earth.

What drives us is our commitment to creating products that are safe, ethical, and are loved by people living in extreme climates like Australia. Ozstrayan Skin also advocates for social inclusion by making livelihood and accommodation opportunities available to people with
intellectual disabilities.


Maddie is the CEO and co-founder of Ozstrayan Skin. This mom-of-one had a rare hip condition called Perthes disease growing up, and has spent many of her days confined to a bed. It was one of those later days immobilised in bed when her obsession with beauty and skin care started–spending hours watching YouTube reviews of well-known skin care products and trying them out herself. This interest ultimately led her to a new passion project: creating a skin solution for the environmentally stressed skin.

Maddie studied and researched for ingredients that truly work for people who’re exposed to harsh climates like Australia, as she finds some chemicals in skin care products to cause ageing and dryness. Fast-forward to a few months after, Ozstrayan Skin came to be–a brand that skincare-loving lady boss Maddie swears by.

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Tony, chair and co-founder of Ozstrayan Skin, had been in the field of business and technology consulting for years. When his stepdaughter Maddie showed interest in starting a beauty business, Tony finally saw this as an opportunity to use his technology and business skills on something that was not a tech business.

Having a stepson with an intellectual disability and being a coach and mentor to people with the same condition, Tony has made it his greatest mission to give them a sense of purpose and impart skills that they can use to live fulfilled lives. By keeping Ozstrayan Skin local, Tony aims to employ people with intellectual disabilities and create suitable supported accommodations that are run by qualified mental health professionals.

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Uniquely Australian skincare + all the good stuff

Adventure-loving Aussies know all too well the harsh realities of living in a climate like Australia.

Whether you live in the dry outback, by the sea or amongst the city skyscrapers, your skin needs more care than what a common tube of cream can do. It needs plenty of moisture–but without the nasties you find in many skin care products, like parabens, SLSs, fillers and other chemicals. Only high levels of vitamins, active ingredients, antioxidants–ya know, just the good stuff! Ozstrayan Skin is all of these and more: it’s organic, ethical and designed for the spunky, adventurous soul.

Our ingredient mix:



Cruelty free

Ethical & Sustainable

Australian Made

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Whether you love surfing, camping, rock climbing, or simply walking by the beach, our healthy range is defo the protection your skin needs!