8 Reasons Silk and Satin Pillowcases Are Best For Your Skin And Hair


You’ve probably heard all the hype around silk & satin pillowcases being better for your skin and hair when you sleep at night. We decided to investigate this to see for ourselves and to share the results with you. Investigative hats are ON!


We reviewed medical research, health and wellbeing articles, various online sources, and magazine articles to discover which pillowcase is best for your skin and hair and why?


Our research has concluded that both silk and satin pillowcases are best for your skin and hair primarily because they do not absorb the oils from your skin and hair than other weaves do, such as cotton and their smoothness does not cause friction and rubbing which may irritate the skin or cause frizzy hair.


The difference between silk and satin is that silk is natural fibre and more expensive because it is extracted as a long continuous thread from the silkworm cocoon, whereas satin is a fabric weave made from polyester, rayon, and blends. Earlier on, Satin may also have been made from silk, polyester and rayon.


Read on for the for more information on luxurious feeling pillowcases. We’ll tell you what they can do, how they work, and why they work.


Silk or satin pillowcase – benefits for your skin


Our research has shown that silk and satin pillowcases have the following benefits for your skin:


Fewer skin creases


Research suggests that the slippery surface of silk and satin results in fewer creases on our face, any pillow lines usually diminish shortly after you get out of bed.  However, with other types of pillowcases your skin is stretched and pulled over night which can contribute to permanent wrinkles. I do not know about you, but I do not want to start looking like an old geezer sooner than I have to!


They may help retain your skin’s moisture


If you have dry skin, a silk or satin pillowcase may help maintain the skin’s hydration. It certainly won’t dry out as much as cotton. Strewth, I’ll keep that moisture thank you!


Satin pillowcases can help acne


Less friction from your pillowcase causes less irritation on your skin which many believe results in less acne.


Silk or Satin, – Benefits for your hair


Your hair style will last longer


Since silk and satin are smooth, your hair is less likely to be “mussed up” (yeah mate, that’s an actual word) – for a few days more than on a cotton pillowcase might.


Your hair will stay hydrated


The same as benefits for your skin, silk and satin are less drying than cotton, making it easier to maintain your hair’s moisture.


Frizz protection


Since silk and satin are smooth, they don’t rough up the hair cuticle like a regular pillowcase might. The result is less frizz. Unless you like looking like you have put your finger in a power socket of course!


Fewer tangles


Smooth pillowcases let your hair move when you change positions at night. Whereas fabrics like cotton, don’t.


If your hair is prone to tangling, is fine or dry, then you will have experienced the waking up to matted hair when you have not slept on a silk or satin pillowcase. If you haven’t tried one, do yourself a favour.


Less Breakage


For those of you that experience broken hair or even hair loss – less friction and tugging can save your locks!


Not having to brush out heavy knots will also lessen hair breakage! The best way to style your hair for bed is by braiding or plaiting your hair.. depending on your hairdressing skills, those braiding YouTube videos make it look easier than it is, my model is also 4 years old & won’t sit still, I’ll blame the model & not my skill set 😉


Silk vs. satin


Silk and satin pillowcases are both touted as beauty must-haves that can work wonders on hair and skin. But what’s the diff?


The difference between to two (as pointed out during the introduction) means that satin pillowcases are typically much cheaper than silk.


Being a natural fibre, silk is also hypoallergenic and cooler for sleeping on.


All that said, the beauty benefits, as far as friction, tugging, and moisture preservation, are similar for both materials.


In the end, unless you have allergies, satin pillowcases should give you the same frizz-free hair and crease-free face when you get up.




The only drawback to silk or satin pillowcases is that they might not be ideal for hot nights for some people.


While most people find silk and satin cooling, especially when they first put their heads down, a few find them uncomfortable in the heat. This could come down to the material more than the satin weave, though.


Sleeping on a slippery surface isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!


The bottom line


Silk or satin can help you up your skin and hair, not to mention make bedtime feel a little more glamourous.


By swapping your cotton or flannel pillowcases for silk or satin, you can cut down on hair frizz and breakage and keep your skin smooth and hydrated.


In the end it is a matter of economics vs the health benefits.


In case you wondered – We sleep on Silk!




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